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Ok, this is going to make some of you uneasy!

In my work with clients I have come across some people

who were leery of going all out with their Guarantee.

And that's understandable. But let me tell you this...

A money-back guarantee on your offers will make your response soar.

It will. And the more powerful, the more outrageous

your money-back guarantee; the better your results will be!

In fact, a powerful money guarantee has been shown to be

a hot button in getting people to buy. One of the key reasons

is that all people really want in life is S.E.X. S.E.X.?

Yes, people want Security, Essentials, and the Xtras of life.

And in that order to. And a money-back guarantee is tied into

giving people the security they want. After all, people are skeptical.

Big time! So if your money-back guarantee is better than

your competitors, odds are you are going to outperform your competitor.

So what kind of money-back guarantees can you use in your sales letter?

First the bad news. You're only limited by your imagination

relevant to your particular industry. Now, the good news.

There are various guarantees you can immediately copy to

skyrocket your sales letter's response rates. Here they are:

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

1 Full Year Money-Back Guarantee

(Been said to get the best results and lowest returns.)

You can also give a money-back guarantee and allow your buyers

to keep any free reports or bonuses they've received from

their purchase.

You can have another company vouch for you that if you

don't follow-through on your promise to give a money-back guarantee

to a customer who requests one, then they will. (Clever!)

If you're a service business you can give a partial

refund of services rendered or even give a refund of the entire

purchase price. You can even provide a product instead as a

guarantee policy.

Another guarantee you can try- give one of the above guarantees

along with $10 or even $50 extra. Just for people taking the time

to test your offer. Yes, it's an outrageous and risky guarantee

but it'll give you more leverage over your competition.

Graphic design pointers. Try adding your picture and signature

to your guarantee to boost credibility. Put your guarantee

in certificate form. Put the words guarantee in big bold letters

that stand out.

Also, mention your guarantee at least three times throughout

your sales letter. More if you have little to no testimonials.

You can even write your headline as an outrageous guarantee.

Bottomline: Create a guarantee that far surpasses that of

your competition and you'll achieve success.

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