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I was so embarrassed for her. After a grueling 45 minutes on the Stairmaster, Kathy rewarded herself with a bag of Ruffles and a Diet Coke. Yet still...  (read entire article)
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Here's a really good tip that may help you to get rid of your slice. Best of all, it's really pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and understa...  (read entire article)
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By: Sally Summers Is sugar making you fat?
This notorious carb has been blamed for everything from packing on pounds to making you tired. But what do you do if you're ruled by a sweet tooth? A...  (read entire article)
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The most recent entry of an NHLer playing adult recreational hockey is Benoit Hogue, having fun in the beer-league in Long Island. He joins others inc...  (read entire article)
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Cincinnati Catfishing

www.cincinnaticatfishi...  (read entire article)
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By: Ayuba A. Sodeke Physical Fitness And You.
Total fitness has been described in a lot of ways. Most aptly, perhaps, its entails looking your best, feeling your best, and performing to the best o...  (read entire article)
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Choosing fitness equipment for your personal use can be a rather daunting task. You canít turn on the TV without seeing ads that promise or imply...  (read entire article)
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Used Titlist golf clubs are great golf clubs even if its used. They usually retain their quality longer. I also suggest that you get a used golf club...  (read entire article)
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What you are about to read... will change your golfing life forever! What are these three "secrets"? If you knew how would they effect your game?. The...  (read entire article)
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By: Jim McLellan"Golf Pro, Friend or Foe?"
Thinking about taking a lesson to improve your game? Confused about where to start your search for "Mr. Right" THE teaching pro? Will the high profile...  (read entire article)
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